Pakatan Sulit

Recently, on 5 december 2010, I joined outing The 100 Strangers portrait project by PAKATAN SULIT at Post Office, Johor Bahru. This outing is very meaningful to me. For this outing are beneficial to all photographers out there including myself who is new again in this field. This outing will be for us to be more daring in public. At first, I admit I was very shy to participate in this outing, and finally I came on this outing, because any longer I want to join this outing as well as I want to raise my own self confident and I want to learn and gain new experiences. Wah, the photographer who join this very friendly outing, sporting, and very powerful. I am happy to meet and get to meet you-all. To get to know new friends. And thanks BUDAKBLUR HAZIQ because he has convinced me to join the outing :) 


7 December 2010

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  1. Anonymous says:

    beshhh lau aq dok jb mau join juga hehe

  2. haishh hehe , tuh la rugi taw kalau tak join :)

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